Jedrzej (Andrew) Lewandowski - First Entry

First Blog Entry

This article is my first blog entry on my page. I am keeping it short to finally merge the branch called “blog” and move on to the next entry. I thought it would be nice to write about my oldest project, which I still run, the 2d JavaScript arcade game.

During my Udacity’s Frontend Developer Nanodegree course., I made the 2D JavaScript arcade game. To progress further in the study, I had to submit a working game and fulfill the requirements. I still remember how challenging it was for me to understand Object-Oriented Programming. I felt overwhelmed and considered dropping the course.

Luckily instead of giving up, I decided to scan GitHub for other projects from Udacity’s students. Once I could see the practical implementation of OOP, everything clicked. I was able to move forward.

Find The Key Game Screen Shot

After that experience, I started a thread on the course’s forum. I described my experience and shared the code of my game. I encouraged others to do the same, to help others who might be struggling as I did. What surprised me was the number of replies. Students were sharing their games or thanking me for the help. For years, the thread stayed active, with hundreds of reactions.

This project taught me how to use OOP and that it is okay to struggle with new challenging subjects. Every time I feel stuck, I like to look back at this game. Years later, it feels so trivial and straightforward to build. While at the time, it looked like an impossible challenge.

You can find the game here:

Or if you prefer, here is GitHub repo: