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About Me

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In 2010, I left my hometown Gdynia, Poland's seacoast, to find a new challenge. Currently, I am living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I used to work in the fashion industry. Still, a few years ago, I decided to change direction and become a developer.

Currently, I am working full-time as a front-end developer at Swapfiets, a Dutch company offering bikes and other mobility solutions in the form of a monthly subscription.

I love to listen to tech and science podcasts in my free time, lose myself in an audiobook (mostly science fiction), or take pictures with one of my cameras.

My Tech Stack

  • React
  • Angular
  • CSS, Sass, CSSinJS,
  • JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Redux, RxJS, NextJS, GatsbyJS
  • Node.js, Express, GraphQL
  • learning C++